The 1 Million Mission

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Many of you guys have seen it, or heard about it, and some of you have even pledged your support (without knowing what it really is… and that just blows me away!) … so today I’d like to tell you what the DailyMuscle 1 Million Mission is about:

1 Million Mission

This isn’t exactly a new concept, and credit is due to Craig Ballantyne, founder of the Turbulence Training 10 Million Mission for inspiring me to do my own, and to create momentum for everything we do.

What is the 1 Million Mission?

As you can read above, the 1 Million Mission aims to Transform & Impact One Million Lives by 2030 – that’s approximately 5,200 lives to impact each month… and there’s no way I can ever do this alone. So the only way to make this mission a reality is to work together with other professionals, health & fitness organisations, gyms, clubs and even other bootcamps, putting aside differences and selfish ambition in order to do what we all say we do – the make this world a healthier place.

Of course, I’d LOVE to be able to have 1 million clients and lives changed under my Transformation Camp – but no way is that possible… and if it takes another bootcamp or a health club to meet those numbers… then so be it – because when we, collectively impact 1 million lives, it WILL be good for the fitness industry as a whole – and trickles down to every personal trainer, gym, health store… people will get healthier, fitter, overcome diseases while the fitness industry succeeds in what it is called to do… in other words, we all win.

In the weeks/months to come, you’ll see a number of projects being announced here on, all aimed at:

  • bringing the message of wellness to homes, individuals, and corporate organisations – equipping them to incorporate better eating habits and more movement into their everyday lives
  • providing resources and online tools to help fitness professionals deliver the best workout experience to their clients and keeping workouts fun

The 1 Million Mission will now drive everything we do. We want to work on projects and help people in a way that creates maximum impact and gets people to take massive action.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve got the ball rolling by doing some pretty awesome things:

–> Taught a group of over 80 fitness professionals/entrepreneurs on ‘How to Run a Successful Bootcamp’ at the 2013 Asia Fitness Convention, Bangkok

Noel and Lawrence at AFC 2013
–> We ran an online 8-week bootcamp challenge with over 70 participants (sign-up for the waiting list for the next intake) with incredible transformations like these:

8 week challenge winners

8 week challenge winners

–> Started an online Facebook Group ’30-day Get Lean Challenge’ with over 200 participants (in progress) – next intake is on 1st December.

But I know, that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Next Steps

Now that the ball is rolling… we need to keep the ball rolling… and I will your help.

My team and I are very, very excited and at the same time overwhelmed because this is a huge task – but one that needs to be done… to REALLY make a difference in the health/wellbeing of people in this country and also all over. We need your support – word of mouth, share our Facebook motivation/inspirational messages, and tell your friends about us.

Exciting times are ahead as we will witness never-seen-before collaborations and partnerships with me and other fitness businesses that most people would think was never possible.

You wouldn’t want to miss a thing! Just ensure you’re signed up for my VIP newsletter on at the signup box at the top of this page, and also follow us on Facebook – to ensure you never miss my updates that are about to come soon.

Speak soon,


About the author

Noel Chelliah Noel Chelliah, ACE-LWMC, ACE-CPT, Pn1, is Malaysia's Top Transformation Expert. In 2012, he became the first Malaysian to hold the highly sought-after Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching certification. No stranger to being overweight, Noel has gone through a life-changing transformation himself, from fat, to fit. In 2012, Noel Chelliah established fitness history in Malaysia for winning the 2012 AFC Presenter Idol at the Asia Fitness Convention. Noel also serves as a Wellness Creative Consultant to numerous corporate organizations in the country. In his spare time, Noel serves the community with various programs that promote a healthier lifestyle, and enjoys playing with his dogs. Click here to read Noel's full bio.

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irene November 12, 2013 at 1:56 pm

I would like to have the three(3) books but unable to make payment. So, can I just bank-in the money into your account. Thanks


Noel Chelliah November 21, 2013 at 11:13 am

Hi Irene – sure – there seems to be a problem with the online shopping cart.
You can bank in RM60 to our Maybank account: 5127 6311 3629 (DAILYMUSCLE ATHLETIC CONSULTING)
and drop an email with proof of payment to and we’ll send you the ebooks right away.


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