Have you ever been told that Starbucks coffee is bad for you? The truth is, coffee is a perfectly fine thing to drink and there’s even research that shows the health benefits of coffee.

However, Starbucks coffee can ‘go horribly wrong’ and unhealthy when you load it up with crap like excessive cream and sugar, syrups, whipped cream, toppings and other weird stuff that don’t really belong in your coffee in the first place.

If you’re watching overall calorie and sugar intake, keep reading as I have some tips for you to turn your next Starbucks experience into a healthier one.

3 quick tips to choose healthier at Starbucks

1. Avoid sweeteners and whipped cream

If you find yourself liking it only when it’s sweet… then you’re really hooked to the sugar and not the coffee. 
Most of you who say you can’t start your day without coffee (which you load with condensed milk or sugar or syrup) you’re actually hooked to drinking something sweet… you’re not hooked to coffee. Your body is longing for a sugar-high… not a caffeine high. You can always use add-ons like cinnamon or nutmeg (which Starbucks provides) if you’d like to give your coffee some punch.

2. Stick to drinks below 100 calories

Having a beverage that’s less than 100 calories and fits in your daily requirements wouldn’t really derail your diet (unless you’re having like 5 a day… which is a different problem altogether 😅). In the US, Starbucks outlets display the calories on the menu so it’s easy to make a choice.

Fun fact: An espresso, or Americano, pretty much any brewed black coffee would be less than 5 calories per cup.

If your Starbucks doesn’t have calories listed, which is the case for Malaysia, then opt for tall and grande sizes.
 (A Venti sized beverage means you better be sharing it with someone).

3. Stick to the Starbucks Coffee basics

Coffee, tea, espresso, latte, and cappuccino are great, healthier options. If you say you’re going to have a coffee, then do walk out of the place with coffee in your hand – not a chocolate-cream-mocha-grean-tea-diabeticcino.

Whenever I’m at a Starbucks (which is about twice a week), my drink of choice would be a hot brewed coffee, or an Americano (espresso mixed with hot water), or sometimes, just an espresso.

When I’m at home or at the LightHouse, I’d always go with an espresso + hot water from my handy Nespresso machine. Sticking to plain black coffee allows me to drink a lot of coffee with hardly any added calories to my daily intake – yeay!!

So what if you’d like to treat yourself and have one of those sugar-loaded beverages anyway? Well.. you know what – it’s not big deal.

Drinking one beverage does not mean it’s the end of the world, but if you’re having 1-2 of these daily, and kidding yourself that you’re having ‘coffee’ while you’re really having dessert… you’re not doing any good to your body.

So remember to make a better choice the next time you’re headed to a Starbucks, and if you buy the wrong drink and change your mind, you could just do what I did below 😅:

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