Introducing FitBox – Get Motivation, Workouts, and Cool Gear Sent To You!

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If you’re someone who loves receiving gifts (I mean, who doesn’t?) then you have good reason to be excited together with me because beginning January 2014, I’m going to send you a package to your home, every month, filled with workouts, healthy recipes, cool fitness gear, and random surprises…. keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on this gift box.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been THIS excited about something. And if you haven’t heard about, then I’m guessing you’re not one of the 100+ people who have already put their names on our pre-sale list to ensure they don’t miss out when we launch over the next few days.

Introducing FitBox…

Wait.. you haven’t signed up??

We are encouraging EVERYONE to put their names on the pre-sale list because as cool as this project is, we are only able to send out 100 boxes each month and we expect to sell out within the day of our launching. (so what are you waiting for?)

What’s in the FitBox?

- 30-day workout program each month
Think about it –you’ll never have to worry about what to do at the gym, or at home, ever again for the entire year. We’ve done the program design for you. Not only that, but we’ll be working with the greatest fitness minds in Malaysia to deliver the best workouts based on real results. These workouts are so good, even personal trainers will want to get their hands on them to use it with their clients.
- Healthy Recipes
Tired of finding healthy recipes in magazines that you can’t seem to find half the ingredients here in Malaysia? Well we’re going to fix that problem. You’ll get real healthy Malaysian recipes that’s easy to prepare even if you’ve never stepped into a kitchen before.
- Various other forms of motivation, content, random goodies, samples, workout gear, supplements, full-sized products, discounts.

The contents of each FitBox will be a surprise and will vary each month, but rest assured that the value of the items in each FitBox will far exceed how much each a FitBox subscription costs. In fact, the team here at FitBox are planning on getting their OWN FitBoxes too, cos they’re too cool to miss.

So are we going to send you a box of random samples and junk?

Absolutely not, and this is where we are different. Each FitBox that goes out represents what we believe in. We would never give you something or recommend a product that we do not use ourselves.

Why are we doing this?

Having been in fitness and working with individuals and groups for over 8 years, and finding the best products, supplements and fitness-related things that work – I’ve realised that there’s so much we do for our clients and share with them, but never really had the opportunity to share that information out on a larger scale. Things like –
- what’s the best peanut butter to get?
- which protein powder is best?
- Which multivitamin works great?
- which energy drink doesn’t cause jitters and a crash?
- which workouts burn fat fast?
- What’s the best fatloss smoothie recipe?

You see, we know the answer to all of the above (and so do all our clients), and to hundreds of other stuff that you probably didn’t even think of asking – but would make a huge difference to your fitness. Now we’d love to tell everyone else about it – someone like you.

Also, Fitbox is perfectly aligned to my 1 Million Mission – to impact 1 million lives by 2030.

Imagine a box that arrives at your doorstep every month, giving you motivation, tips, tricks, techniques, and cool stuff. Even Santa sends gifts only once a year.

In fact, Fitbox makes a great GIFT to give to a loved who’s into fitness, or someone who’s starting our their fitness journey this coming January 2014.

Fitbox is co-founded with my colleague Michele, author at, and with Reebok as our official partner, my favourite fitness brand, because they’ve been equally passionate about getting the message of fitness across.

So look out for FitBox when it launches– and get your name on the pre-sale list… because when they’re gone… they’re gone.

Get your name on the list, and you’ll be among the first to know when we launch for subscriptions THIS WEEK.

In health,



About the author

Noel Chelliah Noel Chelliah, ACE-LWMC, ACE-CPT, has been recognized as one of the Top Transformation Experts in Malaysia. No stranger to being overweight, Noel has gone through a life-changing transformation himself, from fat, to fit. In 2010, Noel founded the DailyMuscle Body Transformation Camp, which today helps hundreds of individuals, and corporate organizations exercise and practice healthier habits. ACE Senior Group Fitness Consultant Lawrence Biscontini, MA, has dubbed Noel as 'the Midas of Fitness' who touches everything and it turns to GOLD. In his spare time, Noel serves the community with various programs that promote a healthier lifestyle, and enjoys playing with his dogs.

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Sumit Dhawan April 24, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Helllo friend,

did you sell out the 100 boxes?

good luck bro


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