Typical Excuses we make to avoid Exercise

by Noel Chelliah · 7 comments

Too lazy to exerciseMost people hate exercising. The effort required, the time spent, the sweat, the soreness… but then again, who told you that it was going to be easy? Do you remember your first day at the gym? What did it take you to finally get your ass off the sofa and exercise?

Years ago, I myself absolutely hated exercise. I never liked anything that resembled any form of exercise or taking part in any sort of physical activity (in fact, I still don’t enjoy it 100%, but the results and overall well-being feeling I get from exercising makes it too good for me to resist). The countless benefits – the strength, an improved physique, confidence, increased energy levels and concentration, better sleep – are all too good for me to turn away.

Here are some common excuses we hear today from those who find it difficult to get started:

Arrgh! I hate exercise.

dailymuscle says: The only reason you hate exercise is because you’ve probably never seen or experienced the benefits it can bring. Perhaps you hate the activities you’ve done in the past? Does the word ‘exercise’ remind you of the heart-pounding routines you were forced to keep up to in school? The compulsory cross-country marathons we were forced to participate in? High-impact exercises aren’t for everyone but there’s surely some sort of physical activity that would appeal to you. How about swimming? Salsa classes perhaps? Also, many gyms today have fun and exciting classes which can cater to almost any exercise fetish you may have. Try some of them (most gyms today give free trials, Like Fitness First) – you might just get hooked in no time!

Okay, but I don’t like gyms..

dailymuscle says: If you find the fancy/upmarket gyms today too crowded and overwhelming, or perhaps your local neighborhood gym a bit too intimidating (and I don’t blame you if you feel this way), then the answer is simple – just don’t go. To get started, there are plenty of other places to exercise at or even activities you can get started in. For example, your home and the great outdoors. Consider walking – an easy exercise that can go a long way towards good health. A 30 minute walk, 3 times a week around your housing area is a fantastic start.

It’s just too hard. Is there an easier way out?

dailymuscle says: Nobody said it would be easy. From experience, I can tell you this – the hardest part is at the beginning. If you can stick with exercise for that crucial first month, you’ll start to reap benefits – like increased energy and improved mood, and that will motivate you to keep going.

But I’m so out of shape, embarrassed, and I don’t know where to start.

dailymuscle says: Start slowly.. this avoids being overwhelmed. Try short walks a few times a week at first, and then move on to activities that are more challenging. If you’re really clueless and need a helping hand, most gyms today have Personal Trainers that can assist you, but they come at a cost. I believe Fitness First gives 2 complimentary Personal Training sessions when you join. Not too sure about the other fancy gyms out there. If you join a smaller, neighborhood gym – these gyms often have someone in charge who will be able to give you advice and help for free (these gyms are much cheaper too).

I’m too tired to get off the sofa.. and American Idol starts in 10 minutes!

dailymuscle says: And that’s precisely why you should… exercise helps boost your energy! Oh… and most gyms today have TVs so you dont have to miss your favourite show.

Buying all those protein powders, supplements is so darn expensive!

dailymuscle says: You don’t need supplements to start exercising. People who do supplement their diets with various supplements have specific goals they wish to achieve (build more lean muscle, bulk up, etc). Most people do perfectly fine with a healthy and balanced diet that includes sufficient nutrients from all the food groups. For those who wish to have the extra edge and get supplements at affordable prices, there’s always EGOnutritions. See my review on them here.

After all, they do say that pain is weakness leaving the body…
Are you ready to feel some pain?

About the author

Noel Chelliah Noel Chelliah, ACE-LWMC, ACE-CPT, has been recognized as one of the Top Transformation Experts in Malaysia. No stranger to being overweight, Noel has gone through a life-changing transformation himself, from fat, to fit. In 2010, Noel founded the DailyMuscle Body Transformation Camp, which today helps hundreds of individuals, and corporate organizations exercise and practice healthier habits. ACE Senior Group Fitness Consultant Lawrence Biscontini, MA, has dubbed Noel as 'the Midas of Fitness' who touches everything and it turns to GOLD. In his spare time, Noel serves the community with various programs that promote a healthier lifestyle, and enjoys playing with his dogs.

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James October 13, 2006 at 11:32 pm

I just want to share my experience pertaining to this topic ( pls forgive me if it is irrelevant to this topic). I feel very sorry because i lose my temper last week in the gym. A forty something guy offended me by saying that ” hey you people dont follow the training method which James is using. He is insane and definately using drugs. If you people continue train like this you gonna suffered from Erectile Dysfuction ( sorry if there is any spelling error)” This is third time he said so. I am pissed off and i put my coach’s reminder ” shut up and train” ( as my coach off for bulan puasa). I told him ” this is only your excuse for not train hard and if u cannot suffer the pain, go home and ask your baby sitter feed you with her milk and dont disturb me, you do your work, i do my thing”. I am really sorry for saying that. I shouldn’t do so becoz this is total disrespect not for that stupid man but a total disrespect for the STEEL.


tina June 27, 2006 at 10:10 am

i have a big chest, and i am always complaining to my boyfriend and my girl-friends that i hate them. i looked into breast reduction procedures and the whole works, then my friend that is getting into body building told me to hit the gym and work my pecks. i just dont know what to do! so i looked it up on the internet, thats how i found this site. so far i learned a few things…does anyone else have anything they could tell me to help me out!!! ?


Chong March 24, 2006 at 10:26 am

Having regular excercises and eating nutritous food with added supplement is a life long commitment to a healthy body. It is not a one off thing. Its not like, oh… I’m not feeling well, I need to watch out my diet and stop after that.

Just take a look around us. Why more and more hospitals are coming up in our areas? Because more and more people are falling sick, that’s why!

A lot of us failed to realise that exercise improves our health. Having a good health is the utmost important thing one could ever have. Our quality of life is jeapordized if we are not in good health. Don’t take your health for granted even when you are young. You will only feel the result of the damage once you stepped into mid-thirties.

Looking good and having a toned-up body is just one of the by product from constant exercising.

Happy exercising…. :D


dailymuscle March 23, 2006 at 10:31 am

Many people only wait until they fall sick or for the doctor to advise them to take up some exercise.. otherwise, they wont start. And even then, most people want IMMEDIATE results from exercise, hoping a few weeks of ‘hard work’ will be able to undo the lifetime of bad habits that got them there in the first place.

I think it still all boils down to AWARENESS. People don’t realise and believe how REAL the benefits of exercise are.

I guess, we’re only human. :)


surfnux March 23, 2006 at 1:08 am

Wow, what a great reasons to all the excuses. You got it right bro. Nothing goes easy to achieve something good. No pain no gain. hoho


Jay March 22, 2006 at 11:27 am

Yeah, they’ll be a million and one excuses for not workin out. Daily muscle got the core right and yeah chong, sloth is a major factor.
For me why i think those people out there who dont take up excercising is due to physchological factors, either because they have an inferiority complex or otherwise; the adonis complex.
If you think you cant do it, whats the chance that you’ll even bother to try?
“I can’t do it!”, “I’m not strong enough…”, “Other people will laugh at me.” “Blah blah blah blah….”. As ive said, everybody needs to start somewhere….
As for the opposite scenario, Mr/Ms Im fit enough, what i think they need is a stroke, a heart attack or just a good beating. I prefer the last option.


Chong March 21, 2006 at 4:36 pm

Hi Dude,

I learned this from my mum.

There are no ugly and unhealthy men and women. However, there are only lazy men and women.


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