If you’ve always been ‘intimidated’ by fitness and ‘working out’ and need a hand you can hold to journey with you – then DailyMuscle is that supportive community you’re looking for. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and still have not found your fitness family, then look no further.

DailyMuscle is more than just a ‘bootcamp’ and a ‘gym’. Our results-oriented programs help you get fitter, stronger, and live longer – while enjoying every step of the process, and if you aren’t happy with the outcome you can use our 100% money back guarantee. But don’t just take it from us – read some of the testimonials and what some of our heroes have to say about their DailyMuscle experience.


Ben, 31

The DailyMuscle family has been there to support me through injuries and we have linked arms across the finish line. They have undoubtedly been an integral part of my journey.


Hildah, 37

I love the fact that DailyMuscle pushed me without being hard and judgmental. They motivate me, taught me how to do my exercises right and encouraged me when I felt like giving up. I felt comfortable and now I find myself wanting to push myself harder than the coaches do.

Stephanie Kumar, 41

In six months I was feeling and looking better than I have ever been in 20 or more years. It’s been a year now, already! I still get asked “What diet was I on to lose the weight?” My answer to that was “None” – it was pure hard work, determination and plenty of encouragement from my peers. I am very proud of myself to have made this decision with DailyMuscle and trust that this journey doesn’t end.


Kate Ng, 54

The DailyMuscle coaches are so fantastic and friendly. I love them for not torturing me and pushing me because at my age I do experience limitations. But now I believe my bones and joints are as good as a 30-year-old’s and I am stronger in my 50s now than when I was in my 30s!


Cheri Yap, 30

All I did was dedicate time to bootcamp twice a week (due to my hectic schedule) and ensure that I did my best in that one-hour time span. This is no doubt a tough journey at first but when you start shedding the pounds and looking all good, it’ll be worth it. Honestly, working out with the DailyMuscle family is just fun, fun, fun!


Harith Iskander, 50

I’m now beginning to like running and working out – cos it’s so much fun here at DailyMuscle. I was about 110kgs, and now I’m 95. The workouts have become something I look forward to, rather than just sitting at home and watching TV or doing nothing.


Bindu Menon, 44

The one thing I love about DailyMuscle is that they CARE about you, from improving your techniques to educating you on nutrition and fat-loss. More importantly, the camaraderie among the members is simply amazing, it’s not something you’ll get everywhere. I’m now into my second year with DailyMuscle and I know it’s only going to get better!


Ei-Leen Neoh, 21

This is the best ‘membership’ I’ve ever joined and better than any gym or personal trainer I’ve had. I look forward to every session and I feel GREAT about myself! It pushes me to do better, and I’ve lost over 5kgs since I joined over a month ago.


Shobie Malani

The DailyMuscle workout program has definitely got my heartbeat up, my endurance level up (challenging nevertheless) and for someone like me who has been injury prone for years, I find the routines here less of a ‘burden’ and more towards working at my own pace! Love the community of fitness enthusiasts they have built.


Twinkle, 14

SINCE young my weight has always been fluctuating and my parents tried enrolling me in many fitness programs but I hated all the sessions so I kept gaining my weight back after some time. On my 14th birthday, my mum said she enrolled me into DailyMuscle and I was like “huh?” but being the obedient child I said okay and dragged my feet to the Bangsar bootcamp. After camp my mum was so shocked to hear me say “I LOVE THIS CAMP and I am going back!”. DailyMuscle is truly a fun place to be.


Juliana Johan, 43

For the first time, I emceed a company event last week in a dress with confidence. Just 3 weeks into the Drop 2 size Challenge and I’m happy with how my mind and body is stronger, and I pat myself on my shoulder for being a strong single mom. I can fit in my old dresses and old gym outfits – less cellulite, firmer thighs, smaller butt, and my back and arms have toned up! That is a huge motivation to me and I’ve made myself a promise to stay healthy and fit to my self and I want to see my kids grow happy and strong.


Vani, 41

Most of my friends ask whether they will be able to cope if they join. I always say that the best part of DailyMuscle is how the coaches allow each person to take it at their own pace to achieve their individual goals. I now look toned and feel stronger and healthier. One of the best thing about DailyMuscle is that I have formed lifetime friendships.


Yee-Mun, 30

My first day at camp went better than I expected! I thought I wouldn’t be able to do most of the exercise but my friends and coaches were extremely helpful. They are motivating, are always here to assist and are very comfortable to talk to. Now I am more toned, feel healthier, less lethargic and look forward to camp every day!


Wee Nee, 32

I DIDN’T think that waking up at 6am, three times a week for bootcamp was the best idea, but joining DailyMuscle completely changed my mind. When you join DailyMuscle, you get friends as coaches. No yelling, just words of encouragement (even for the smallest achievements), and they actually do CARE about YOU!


Javier, 33

EAT – SLEEP – WORK – REPEAT: That was my life before coming to DailyMuscle. The programs here has really improved my stamina and reduced my back strain, which I got from spending too much time at my work desk. Bootcamp helped me improve my fitness and the team spirit and warm friends also motivated me to push the ‘last mile’, which is often the most difficult but most effective.


John Oommen, 32

My work often requires seemingly unlimited energy – high octane live shows where I’m jumping around on stage singing my heart out, late night recording sessions, long days at video shoots and more. DailyMuscle keeps me in the kinda shape I need to be in to keep doing it, and still wake up every single day ready to do it all again!


Matt Fielder, 51

I have been with DailyMuscle for over 2 years now and honestly love it, they make it fun to sweat. Working out with the DailyMuscle guys is fun, motivating, competitive at times and always encouraging. They say ‘No Pain, No Gain’ but my philosophy is ‘No Pain No Pain’ – Daily Muscle isn’t painful!


Susi Tan, 24

I wanted to change my daily routine and to train my stamina. I wanted to be able to run or walk for hours even when turned 60. When I first joined DailyMuscle, I couldn’t even complete a one-hour workout, now, I can even go for a run after camp and play badminton. My workout mates push me and motivate me to give all I can. We love celebrating every milestone that we have achieved in bootcamp!


Ayeshah, 43

I’m now fitter in my 40s than I have ever been. What I love most about DailyMuscle is the amazing community of coaches and campers, helping each other get stronger while having loads of fun.


Muhairah, 40

The workouts here are not your typical boring routine and it is not strict like a military workout either. I find it motivating as it brings out the competitive side of me and it’s super fun at the same time. I’m totally HOOKED on the workouts and I actually look forward to exercise early in the morning with the fun bunch at DailyMuscle!


Beverly, 21

They were so friendly on my first day despite me being the youngest member. At times when I’m so tired and one of the last to finish, they will always encourage me. People who try DailyMuscle should never fear or be discouraged but look to a better future YOU!


Ann Wong, 57

Before this, I have been working out at the gym five days a week and I seemed to be getting nowhere until I found DailyMuscle. I am very happy with the awesome results. I am much smaller and stronger now and I’ve signed up for another year. I did wonders in only 4 weeks.


Kimberley Patricia, 30

After joining bootcamp I noticed that my fitness level increased dramatically and I would even say that I am the fittest I have been in my life. I have more endurance and have found my passion for running again, which I love! I enjoy how people don’t take themselves too seriously and there’s no fear of judgement as some might feel when working out in a gym.


Wendy, 53

I promised myself I wanted to look good with age and decided to join this bootcamp. On my first day I googled bootcamp but didn’t find much. Surprisingly, my first experience changed my idea of exercise. I just had to share this fun way of getting fit so I decided to bring my younger daughter and she is now my workout partner. I never looked back after joining DailyMuscle but only wished I had found them earlier.


Ruwinnie, 25

In 2013, I fell sick, lost weight unhealthily, underwent surgery and gained back three times the weight I had lost. I went through a very bad depression, which made my health worst mentally and physically. I then found my motivation and strength at DailyMuscle, from being someone who couldn’t even run, to now being able to complete my first half marathon and three obstacles races. Working out with the people here is so much of fun! And we all have one main goal – to increase our fitness.The DailyMuscle family has always been motivating.


Josh Sebastian, 24

My fitness journey has been an on/off thing. Consistency has been a real challenge for me, but DailyMuscle has been a constant, more than an incredible challenging and fulfilling program – it is a family that encourages and brings out the best in everyone. Whether or not it’s one session or a consistent routine, DailyMuscle is definitely as reliable as burpees are painful to me..


Yasmin, 52

It’s been a journey of discovering the joy of exercising again. I was a little apprehensive as I heard that bootcamps can be regimented and quite “full-on”. But DailyMuscle’s approach is completely opposite – they allow campers to start are their own pace and build up gradually as their body and stamina improves. Exercising here is really fitness with fun and laughter


Prema, 35

After seven months of working out at DailyMuscle, I’ve seen so much improvement, I’ve gone from a size 12 to size 10, my old clothes are looser, I eat a lot better. I have also become a more committed person. Everyone works together in a great one-hour session. We share our tips and stories – it’s a big fun happy family here.


Gurch, 43

That’s me before and NOW having joined DailyMuscle. From ‘fat to fit and happy’ and my journey continues!