I wanted to share a quick lesson with you today – one which has helped me whenever I needed to stick to a proper eating habit. You’ll find that you can also apply it to many areas daily (in your finances, relationships, career, etc) and see progress. Read on.

Everyone faces resistance

When trying to achieve a goal (especially a weightloss or health related one), you’ll find that you face lots of obstacles and resistance throughout the day.

For example, as I’m writing this email to you, I need to get my workout done shortly after this. But instead, I FEEL like having a big yummy breakfast…

Do I WANT that big breakfast. Yes.
But… do I NEED that big breakfast? No.

If you went out for lunch today and ordered a meal… what would your drink be?
A sugary iced tea? (which you may WANT, but don’t need).
Plain water? (which you NEED, but may not really want).

Which voice will you listen to?

There are two ‘friends’ that always hang out with you every day as you go about doing your things. It’s WANT, and NEED. You’ll find that every food decision, craving, temptation, or invitation from your friend to go out partying will cause you to hear two voices. Which one will you listen to?

Will you go for what you want? But don’t really need….
Or will you go for what you need? But don’t really want.

Do you want to workout? No.
But do you need to workout? Yes.

Do you want to buy a tub of ice-cream to keep in your freezer? Yes. (cos it’s on sale).
But do you need that tub of ice-cream in your freezer? No.

Do you want to have whip cream on that coffee? Yes.
But do you need that whip cream on that coffee? No.

Do you want that new handbag? YES.
But do you really need that new handbag? No

You get the idea. :)

Often, the more you listen to your friend called NEED… is where you’ll find results (or save money, or see breakthrough in your relationships or even career).

Every thing you do will either bring you closer to your goals, or further away. It’s that simple when you break down the logic –but easier said than done.

So make a conscious reminder today – to listen to your NEED… and not let your WANTs ‘win’ so much.

Speak soon.



To help with our expansion and to prepare for upcoming projects, I am looking for the right person to join my team as a:

Administration & Marketing Ninja


  • To provide excellent customer service in response to email, telephone, written enquiries and social media
  • To provide administrative support to the team when required
  • Handle phone calls and liaise with relevant parties as and when required
  • To lead and develop social media networking and campaigns
  • Managing the production of marketing materials, including leaflets, posters, e-newsletters, liaising with printers, occasional writing, editing, proof-reading content, and publishing to blog
  • Maintaining and updating customer databases (we use MINDBODY Online Business Management Software to manage customer payments, database, memberships)
  • Organise/coordinate small events such as 1-day seminars
  • Basic video editing skills (camera recording, simple edits on iMovie, uploading to YouTube, etc)
  • Any other duties as required from time to time


  • Excellent written and verbal communication in English
  • Friendly and warm, good interpersonal skills required
  • Able to learn fast and have initiative and flexibility to carry out instructions in order to achieve goals
  • Be extremely organized (because I’m not!)
  • Demonstrate a sense of urgency and excellent follow-through on all assignments
  • Be passionate and have integrity in everything you do
  • Must possess own transport
  • Immediate availability preferred


  • Full time, but flexible  (up to 40 hours per week with occasional evenings and weekends; some travel may also be required). On most days, you can work from home/your own place, however, this may change if we secure an office space
  • You will be given a company phone and computer to work with
  • We pay EPF & SOCSO
  • An environment to be creative and grow your skills and even pursue your own dreams by the side – as long as it doesn’t interrupt your primary duties with us.
Please email your CV and expected salary to noel@dailymuscle.com.


If you’re someone who loves receiving gifts (I mean, who doesn’t?) then you have good reason to be excited together with me because beginning January 2014, I’m going to send you a package to your home, every month, filled with workouts, healthy recipes, cool fitness gear, and random surprises…. keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on this gift box.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been THIS excited about something. And if you haven’t heard about Fitbox.my, then I’m guessing you’re not one of the 100+ people who have already put their names on our pre-sale list to ensure they don’t miss out when we launch over the next few days.

Introducing FitBox…

Wait.. you haven’t signed up??

We are encouraging EVERYONE to put their names on the pre-sale list because as cool as this project is, we are only able to send out 100 boxes each month and we expect to sell out within the day of our launching. (so what are you waiting for?)

What’s in the FitBox?

- 30-day workout program each month
Think about it –you’ll never have to worry about what to do at the gym, or at home, ever again for the entire year. We’ve done the program design for you. Not only that, but we’ll be working with the greatest fitness minds in Malaysia to deliver the best workouts based on real results. These workouts are so good, even personal trainers will want to get their hands on them to use it with their clients.
- Healthy Recipes
Tired of finding healthy recipes in magazines that you can’t seem to find half the ingredients here in Malaysia? Well we’re going to fix that problem. You’ll get real healthy Malaysian recipes that’s easy to prepare even if you’ve never stepped into a kitchen before.
- Various other forms of motivation, content, random goodies, samples, workout gear, supplements, full-sized products, discounts.

The contents of each FitBox will be a surprise and will vary each month, but rest assured that the value of the items in each FitBox will far exceed how much each a FitBox subscription costs. In fact, the team here at FitBox are planning on getting their OWN FitBoxes too, cos they’re too cool to miss.

So are we going to send you a box of random samples and junk?

Absolutely not, and this is where we are different. Each FitBox that goes out represents what we believe in. We would never give you something or recommend a product that we do not use ourselves.

Why are we doing this?

Having been in fitness and working with individuals and groups for over 8 years, and finding the best products, supplements and fitness-related things that work – I’ve realised that there’s so much we do for our clients and share with them, but never really had the opportunity to share that information out on a larger scale. Things like –
- what’s the best peanut butter to get?
- which protein powder is best?
- Which multivitamin works great?
- which energy drink doesn’t cause jitters and a crash?
- which workouts burn fat fast?
- What’s the best fatloss smoothie recipe?

You see, we know the answer to all of the above (and so do all our clients), and to hundreds of other stuff that you probably didn’t even think of asking – but would make a huge difference to your fitness. Now we’d love to tell everyone else about it – someone like you.

Also, Fitbox is perfectly aligned to my 1 Million Mission – to impact 1 million lives by 2030.

Imagine a box that arrives at your doorstep every month, giving you motivation, tips, tricks, techniques, and cool stuff. Even Santa sends gifts only once a year.

In fact, Fitbox makes a great GIFT to give to a loved who’s into fitness, or someone who’s starting our their fitness journey this coming January 2014.

Fitbox is co-founded with my colleague Michele, author at http://www.thefitedit.com, and with Reebok as our official partner, my favourite fitness brand, because they’ve been equally passionate about getting the message of fitness across.

So look out for FitBox when it launches– and get your name on the pre-sale list… because when they’re gone… they’re gone.
-> http://www.fitbox.my

Get your name on the list, and you’ll be among the first to know when we launch for subscriptions THIS WEEK.

In health,



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Guest post by Michele Lian, Transformation Camp Coach

So you’ve been going to a bootcamp for about 4 months now. The workouts are great, your coaches are helpful, you do what you can, and you’re having fun.

The problem: You stopped losing weight after the second month, and don’t seem to be getting any fitter.

What gives?

Having been a regular bootcamper myself, as well as observed and spoken with the hundreds of people I’ve coached, I’ve noticed that those who have been the most successful at losing weight and improving their fitness generally put the following 5 habits into practice at least 80% of the time:

1. They visualize their best self for the best possible outcome

Ever tried heading to an important meeting expecting the worst? Or going to the dentist feeling positively sure that your visit was going to be painful? Chances are, you probably came out of that experience feeling as if it could have been much, much better.

The same applies to your workouts. Rather than dampening your confidence and performance by seeing yourself as not strong or fast enough as everyone else, try visualizing yourself running a little faster, or holding that squat 10 seconds longer than you did the last time. Or, imagine yourself looking stunning in that bikini you plan on buying.

Successful boot campers look at each workout as a chance to improve themselves, rather than going through the motions and linger on their hang-ups or what their fellow boot camp mates are up to.

In other words, they turn up ready to kick some major bootcamp a**!

2. They’re fully ‘present’ during their workouts

An argument with a colleague, wondering if you’ve run out of milk, worrying about what to get your sister for her birthday—these niggling thoughts can literally stop you from focusing on perfect form, or running as fast as you can, taking away from their effectiveness. If you’re feeling distracted, try bringing your focus back to your breathing how your body is moving, and how you can do better than the last rep or set.

3. They lean on others for support

Running a little low on motivation? Ask your sweat buddies for support! Many of my bootcampers rely on each other for that extra push when they’re feeling tired or just plan blah. The result of this energy exchange? Amazing results and more calories burned!

4. They eat to feel good

To feel primed for a great workout, you need to fuel your body the right way. This means sensible portions of lean protein, healthy fats, fruit and veggies throughout the day, and the right amounts of the right kinds of carbs after your workouts to prevent extreme energy highs and lows, and help your body refuel as well as repair itself while you rest.

5. They get enough sleep

Aim to get enough shut-eye so that you feel fully rested each night to stave off lethargy, stop your body from holding on to fat unnecessarily, and allow it to recover fully from the previous day’s ‘work’. An added bonus of not being sleep-deprived: A sharper mind makes for a sharper bootcamp workout!

Still stuck on “not quite sure if I can do this” and can’t see yourself switching into all these gears at the same time just yet? Put one new habit into practice until you master it before taking on another, and I’ll be seeing you at “success”!


Join Our 14-Day ‘Burn the Holiday Fat’ Program NOW – Only RM97 for two weeks:

SEE RESULTS or get your money back! Details here:
–> http://www.dailymuscle.com/transformationcamp/14-day-system/


In today’s post (read until the end), I share with you some real and practical tips on Marathon recovery (or recovery from any other really long distance runs) from running expert Dr Jason Karp (I had the privilege to run with him recently in Bangkok and hear him share his story and passion on Running).

Moving on, I just briefly want to share:

Last weekend, I was at the Penang Bridge International Marathon – where I ran the 10km run. Also present there, were many of my Transformation Camp friends who ran various distances:

Lih Choon, Chong Lii, and Lih Boon – I have lots of respect for these 3 siblings – they have been really consistent with exercise and an elder brother that supports them in what they do.
DailyMuscle campers at the Penang Bridge Marathon 2013
Vinesh (seated) finished his FIRST Full Marathon – with the rest completing Half Marathons, and 10KMs. Special shoutout to Elena for coming all the way not to run, but to SUPPORT us (the world needs more people like Elena).
Thank you Elena!

I was really happy to be a part of this year’s Penang Bridge Marathon – and although I only did a 10KM – I did my personal best by completing it in 55minutes (I had no idea I could run that long without stopping!). Also, at the very last minute, although I brought along a few pairs of shoes, I opted for my humble pair of Reebok Realflex to take me through my 10km:

Still with fresh Penang dirt on the shoes… :D

Now before I sidetrack any further, as promised, I’m going to leave you with an article on post-marathon (or any other really long run) recovery. Since I’m not a running expert, I’ve got advice from a real running expert for you – Dr Jason Karp.

Dr Jason has more than 200 articles published in numerous international running, coaching, and fitness magazines and scientific journals, is the author of five books, including Running for Women and Running a Marathon For Dummies (of the internationally-known For Dummies brand), and is a frequent speaker at international fitness and coaching conferences.

-> Marathon Recovery and Tootsie Rolls  <– links to Dr Jason’s Blog

Keep running.

Speak soon,



No time for a workout today? Not to worry – I’ve got you covered! Remember to watch the video below until the end (it’s just 2minutes) for a glimpse of my favourite workout shoe at the moment. ;) [click to continue…]


Many of you guys have seen it, or heard about it, and some of you have even pledged your support (without knowing what it really is… and that just blows me away!) … so today I’d like to tell you what the DailyMuscle 1 Million Mission is about:

1 Million Mission

This isn’t exactly a new concept, and credit is due to Craig Ballantyne, founder of the Turbulence Training 10 Million Mission for inspiring me to do my own, and to create momentum for everything we do.

What is the 1 Million Mission?

As you can read above, the 1 Million Mission aims to Transform & Impact One Million Lives by 2030 – that’s approximately 5,200 lives to impact each month… and there’s no way I can ever do this alone. So the only way to make this mission a reality is to work together with other professionals, health & fitness organisations, gyms, clubs and even other bootcamps, putting aside differences and selfish ambition in order to do what we all say we do – the make this world a healthier place.

Of course, I’d LOVE to be able to have 1 million clients and lives changed under my Transformation Camp – but no way is that possible… and if it takes another bootcamp or a health club to meet those numbers… then so be it – because when we, collectively impact 1 million lives, it WILL be good for the fitness industry as a whole – and trickles down to every personal trainer, gym, health store… people will get healthier, fitter, overcome diseases while the fitness industry succeeds in what it is called to do… in other words, we all win.

In the weeks/months to come, you’ll see a number of projects being announced here on DailyMuscle.com, all aimed at:

  • bringing the message of wellness to homes, individuals, and corporate organisations – equipping them to incorporate better eating habits and more movement into their everyday lives
  • providing resources and online tools to help fitness professionals deliver the best workout experience to their clients and keeping workouts fun

The 1 Million Mission will now drive everything we do. We want to work on projects and help people in a way that creates maximum impact and gets people to take massive action.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve got the ball rolling by doing some pretty awesome things:

–> Taught a group of over 80 fitness professionals/entrepreneurs on ‘How to Run a Successful Bootcamp’ at the 2013 Asia Fitness Convention, Bangkok

Noel and Lawrence at AFC 2013
–> We ran an online 8-week bootcamp challenge with over 70 participants (sign-up for the waiting list for the next intake) with incredible transformations like these:

8 week challenge winners

8 week challenge winners

–> Started an online Facebook Group ’30-day Get Lean Challenge’ with over 200 participants (in progress) – next intake is on 1st December.

But I know, that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Next Steps

Now that the ball is rolling… we need to keep the ball rolling… and I will your help.

My team and I are very, very excited and at the same time overwhelmed because this is a huge task – but one that needs to be done… to REALLY make a difference in the health/wellbeing of people in this country and also all over. We need your support – word of mouth, share our Facebook motivation/inspirational messages, and tell your friends about us.

Exciting times are ahead as we will witness never-seen-before collaborations and partnerships with me and other fitness businesses that most people would think was never possible.

You wouldn’t want to miss a thing! Just ensure you’re signed up for my VIP newsletter on dailymuscle.com at the signup box at the top of this page, and also follow us on Facebook – to ensure you never miss my updates that are about to come soon.

Speak soon,



I’m currently listening to an audiobook, Laura Vanderkam’s What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast:

… and I discovered a shocking truth on why so many of us struggle with motivation and staying on track with exercise and nutrition. Keep reading to discover how willpower, just like a muscle, becomes fatigued from overuse – and how to overcome that right away and start progressing like never before. [click to continue…]



DM-ReebokWeekendChallenge-LogoTo be a better runner, you need to do OTHER things than just run. In today’s guest post by Coach Michele, we discuss some training tips below that you can get started on right away to improve your speed and fitness.

Over the past three weekends, the DailyMuscle team has hosted over 100 runners who will be taking part in the Reebok One Challenge 18.95K 2013, and there’s more to come this weekend, at the last installment of the DailyMuscle Weekend Challenge, powered by Reebok.

It has been so inspiring to witness these individuals show up, show their best and show everyone the true spirit of sportsmanship – motivating each other, and never giving up no matter what.

But while almost everyone aced the running portion of the challenge – it comprised a one-kilometer run, 80 push-ups, 90 squats and a 500-meter run with a 7KG sandbag – many struggled with the push-ups and squats, and the overall metabolic demand that a challenge like this involves – a sign that they hadn’t been strength/cross- training adequately in their regular routine. [click to continue…]


People think that I struggle to get my workouts in daily and suffer to eat healthy… but the truth is I don’t. In fact, being consistent with my workouts and eating habits is SO EASY for me to do – because it has become a lifestyle.

If you’d like to make fitness and healthy living become a lifestyle, then read on as I share 4 STEPS you can take right now and be that whole new person that’s hidden inside you.

When Healthy Living Becomes A Lifestyle

When something becomes a part of your lifestyle, then you no longer need to ‘force’ yourself to do it. It’s just like brushing your teeth… no one needs to force you to do it – you just do it out of routine because you know you need to. And if you don’t brush your teeth for a day… things wouldn’t feel right, and you’d feel (and taste!) weird all morning. [click to continue…]


How To Skip Breakfast And Lose Fat?

If you’ve been curious about Intermittent Fasting, and how it can help you lose fat fast and help you take control of your eating habits, then read on, and most importantly, watch the 7-minute video below. I haven’t eaten for the past 16 hours – and it feels great. What? Yes, you read that right. [...]

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Are You Hungry? That’s A Good Thing.

Today I’ve got a quick post that may help you succeed in any fat-loss routine. Read on… Are you hungry? Every time someone goes on an exercise routine and starts to go on a ‘diet’, one of the biggest ‘complains’ I get is that they are feeling hungry. Sometimes up to the point that you [...]

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Turbulence Training 2.0 is here! (the workouts I use with my clients)

I interrupt my usual blog posts to announce something really important – something that could HELP YOU take control of your workout routine at your gym once again. If you’re looking to burn fat, tone up, and have the best transformation ever  - then continue reading. How Turbulence Training Made Me One Of The Best [...]

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I’m Hiring – Apprentice/Personal Assistant

I copied this ad from one of my mentors, Craig Ballantyne, from Earlytorise.com because it describes VERY clearly the kind of person I’m looking for as well. I Need An Apprentice/Personal Assistant Things are getting too busy here at DailyMuscle.com because we have so many amazing projects on the go, and with business growing so fast, it’s [...]

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8 Week Transformation Contest – Details

Hey everyone, here’s an update on our 8-Week Transformation Contest: The 2nd DAILYMUSCLE 8-WEEK TRANSFORMATION CONTEST runs from Monday 2nd September to Sunday, October 27th, 2013. Taking part is SO EASY. All you need to do is to send in your BEFORE and AFTER on Day 56 via email to ‘challenge (at) dailymuscle.com or by [...]

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Our 2ND 8-Week Transformation Contest!

How To Lose Fat, Look Great, and See Permanent Results in 8-Short Weeks. FINALLY… A challenge that is NOT about extremes, deprivation, low-carb diets, moodiness and leaving you to feel horrible… and if you can’t make it for our workouts or have no access to any gym or bootcamp, then not to worry – because [...]

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My Embarrassing Fitness Story…

Today I’ve got a really embarrassing story to share. Please feel free to laugh.. but it taught me a good lesson back then, and I hope it does the same for you too. My First Experience with Bodybuilding A long long time ago, within the first few months when I FIRST started working out at [...]

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How To Improve Core Strength (Say NO To Sit-Ups!)

Hey, today I’ve got another 3-minute circuit that you can do right away to strengthen your core and abs and burn more fat in less time! It’s a video I did for the participants in the upcoming Reebok ONE Challenge which takes place in September 2013. In this video, I’ll show you a circuit that [...]

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August Happenings

Hey campers, here’s a quick summary of everything that is happening in August: 1. Fitness Challenge: TTDI-PM: Saturday, 3rd August 7:00PM TTDI-AM: Wednesday 7th August 6:45AM Bangsar: Wednesday 7th August, 7PM All campers, after this date, please wear your bands or there will be a RM1 fine and proceeds go to our next potluck get-together. [...]

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[VIDEO] No time to workout? Try 3-Minute Abs #2 : Home Bootcamp Workout

Hey everyone, Today, me and Coach Ming from my Transformation Camp (Bootcamp) are going to show you another awesome and easy-to-follow 3–minute ab circuit, using your own bodyweight that you can add to any workout routine you are currently doing right now. It’s also perfect to add on to your off-day to ramp up your [...]

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Egg ‘Muffins’ – Quick, Easy, and Healthy Fat Loss Recipe

If you’re looking for a NEW way to have your eggs for breakfast (or at any other time of the day), can I suggest you try this recipe for an ‘egg’ muffin. These ‘muffins’ are also low-carb, high in protein and perfect for you if fat-loss is your goal. Ingredients: Eggs (approx. 1 egg per [...]

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3-Minute Abs #1 : Home Bootcamp Workout

Hey everyone, Today, me and Coach Michele from my Transformation Camp (Malaysia’s most talked about Bootcamp program) are going to show you a 3–minute ab circuit, using your own bodyweight that you can add to any workout routine you are currently doing right now. You can also use it on an off day to crank [...]

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Fitness: A Beginner’s Guide

In today’s guest post, I’d like to share with you something Coach Michele Lian wrote as an introduction for every camper at my Transformation Camp. Michele shares her own personal journey into fitness and teaches you how to overcome the challenges – the same ones you too might face. I am excited to share this [...]

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Motivation Tip: I REALLY Didn’t Feel Like Working Out…

Hey, I just got done with my workout – and I am so glad I did it. More than usual… and you gotta read on to find out why. You see, I had a pretty busy day today and only got done with my errands at 8:30 pm – and at that point, although I knew [...]

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(VIDEO) Try This Fat-Burning 300 Bodyweight Challenge Circuit Today

Here’s a great CHALLENGE WORKOUT circuit that you can ‘plug-in’ to your workout program right now – it doesn’t matter whether you currently attend a bootcamp, have a gym membership, or work 1-on-1 with a freelance personal trainer. Today’s circuit is a pretty challenging one (depending on your fitness level) – in other words, it [...]

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MOTHERS & WOMEN: Join my FREE Health & Fitness Talk This Thursday @ Kingdomcity

Hey everyone, This Thursday, 18th July 2013 at 10AM, I’ll be at Kingdomcity’s ‘Mornings 4 Mothers’ discussing health, fitness, and how you can be an agent of change in your household, for your spouse, children, and loved ones. I’ll be sharing some never-told-before personal stories that shaped my outlook on health and fitness today. I [...]

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When Is The Best Time To Exercise For Fat Loss (Fasting or Not)

This is probably the number one question I get during the fasting month … “When is the best time to exercise?” –> Before you break fast? –> After you break fast? And the answer is pretty easy once you understand the concept, and the good news is that the answer applies to anyone who wants [...]

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14-Minute Ramadhan Fatloss Workout Circuit (No Equipment Needed)

In today’s post, I give you a FULL ON complete workout that you can do right at home. In fact, what I am giving you is straight from the pages of my Ramadhan Fatloss Workout Program which is now 90% complete – and not only that, but today you also get a full 8-minute video [...]

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Recommended App for Home Workouts: Gymboss Interval Timer (FREE download)

Today I’d like to share an app that will help you to do any of the home workouts found on my blog where a specific time interval is required, for example, something like this: 30 seconds of Squats, followed by 15 seconds rest x 4 rounds where you will want to be focused on your [...]

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13-Minute Fat Meltdown Circuit (with Finisher)

Wow – last week I send out a quick 6-minute workout circuit and I had tonnes of responses asking for more – in fact, one of my readers and client, Matt Fielder, told me yesterday that he had a great workout doing it right in his hotel room in Singapore. Not only that, I got [...]

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Are You Ready for Ramadhan? (Try THIS 6-minute workout)

Today I’ve got 6-minute free belly-fat burning workout circuit for you today below, and I also need your FEEDBACK at the end of this blog post – so read on till the end. If there’s ONE thing I love doing for my clients and even at my bootcamp, it’s designing quick and easy workout circuits [...]

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Who Is In Charge of Your Own Health? (Happy ending below)

As I sat there and stared at the NESCAFÉ ‘kurang-kurang manis’ I ordered at the mamak (I even said less sugar TWICE so that they really use less sugar): … I couldn’t help but be amazed at how overly generous restaurants can be with sugar and condensed milk (yet they are the first to react [...]

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How to Release the Brakes From Your Life & Overcome Your Fitness/Health Obstacle

My biggest takeaway from the 2013 TT Summit with Craig Ballantyne, Bedros Keuilian and Matt Smith in San Diego last weekend had nothing to do with fitness. However, when applied correctly to your daily life – it makes ALL the difference in ANYTHING you do. In today’s blog post, I share with you ONE success [...]

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Haze In Malaysia – The HAZE-FREE Indoor no-equipment Workout Program (FREE Download)

As the haze condition worsens in Malaysia, with a heavy heart, I have decided to put my Transformation Camp Outdoor workout program on HOLD for the week – until the condition improves. Watch my 2-min official announcement here, all the way from San Diego: And for my campers, I’ve got a gift for each one [...]

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It’s my 34th Birthday and YOU get the gifts!

Hey, it was my 34th Birthday a couple of days ago on the 21st of June and I’d like to do a birthday sale! So, for the next 24 hours only: RM99 for our July 2013 Workout Program (save RM198!) and for every registration, we will donate RM34 to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. [...]

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WHO ELSE is joining me at the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles?

One of the highlights of my career last year was when I took time off to attend the 30th Anniversary for IDEA World’s Fitness Convention – where I got to be among numerous elite trainers and presenters from the industry, including top names such as Lawrence Biscontini, Dr Len Kravitz, Dr John Berardi and Peter [...]

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My BFM89.9 Interview: Fitness Trends (Podcast)

Hello blog readers, thank you for stopping by! Last week, I shared my views on Fitness Trends to the listeners on BFM89.9 radio on their Health & Living segment. Click on PLAY below to listen to the podcast, or if you downloaded it for keeping, you’ll get extra brownie points from me. Feel free to [...]

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VIDEO: Exercise is Good (with Harith Iskander and Dr. Jezamine)

A couple of months ago, Harith and Jezamine recorded one of their workouts at my Body Transformation Camp, as part of the Essentiale ‘Change for Life’ for a healthy liver campaign. Watch this entertaining 3-minute video to see what happened: For more fun updates from Harith, follow him on Facebook.

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How To Reduce/Eliminate Wrist Pain When Doing The Plank

If you’ve always been having to put up with alot of pressure on your wrists when you do the plank, today’s TIP (which I learned from the 2012 Asia Fitness Convention) will give you a super-quick way to relieve  that. The next time you do the plank exercise: Instead of using a ‘clenched fist’, try [...]

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Shocking Malaysian Fitness Fact: Only 1% of People Exercising Are Indians?

As I went for a short run this morning at the TTDI Kiara park, I made a startling discovery about Indian people and exercise.. Watch the 90-sec video below to see what it is: So… do you agree with me? No wonder Indian people here in Malaysia are at a high risk for lifestyle-related diseases. [...]

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#SLIMDOWN Workshop

Hey everyone, I’m really excited to announce the first of our many #SLIMDOWN workshops to come. The NEXT #SLIMDOWN workshop is scheduled for: When: Saturday, 20th April 2013 Time: 4PM-5:30PM Registration: RM50 (Full Registration) Early Bird: RM40 if you register by 14th April 2013. BONUS: After the workshop, we’ll head over to the Taman Rimba [...]

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Fitness For Mothers (PODCAST)

In between caring for their families, mothers – whether they’ve just had their first or fourth child, whether they work or stay at home- often don’t have enough time to think of themselves and their fitness. In this radio interview I had over BFM89.9, I provide some very practical TIPS on fitness for mothers. => [...]

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Weight Loss Tip: Getting Frequent Meals

We’ve all heard this tip, but most people are still clueless on how to do this one right. In today’s blog post, I’ll give you some real examples and tips on how you can FINALLY get started with eating frequent meals to suit your schedule and convenience. It’s easier than you think. Infrequent Meals Are [...]

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Do The Bulgarian Split Squat (To Add A Bit of Roundness To Your Behind)

This exercise is my all-time favorite type of lunge. If you have a typical asian physique, or if you’re one of those people who do nothing but run 24/7 as your only form of exercise, you may have noticed that your butt is no longer there – this is for you too. Do this regularly, with [...]

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How Government Corruption and Corporate Greed Has Affected Your Health and World Obesity Rates (Part 2)

In today’s post, Dr Green gives you some easy steps on how you can eat better and trim down – simply by what you eat. Find out the ‘magic formula’ below. This post is a continuation from Part 1. – Noel How Government Corruption and Corporate Greed Has Affected Your Health and World Obesity Rates [...]

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How Government Corruption and Corporate Greed Has Affected Your Health and World Obesity Rates (Part 1)

Today I am honoured to have a guest post from my colleague and friend Dr Gary Green. His passion for the medical profession, nutrition, and better eating habits is strong and loud. He walks the talk. In today’s article (part 1 of 2), Dr Green tells you how the Government and giant food corporations are [...]

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3 Ways To Get Stronger…And They’re Not What You Think!

In today’s guest post by Coach Michele, you will learn three simple things you can try right from today to help improve your fitness. These are often overlooked, but very important. 3 Ways To Get Stronger…And They’re Not What You Think! By Coach Michele Some burning questions my campers often ask me: “How do I [...]

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Gatekeepers for Children’s Health (by Peter Twist)

If you are a parent, this post will help you see how IMPORTANT and valuable your role is as a parent in influencing the health and future of your children. This post was taken from Peter Twist’s Facebook and published with his full permission. Gatekeepers for Children’s Health  by Peter Twist I have been teaching and [...]

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Subang Jaya Residents Have Fun And Workout for FREE Every Weekend

This is a public service announcement. Did you know that for more than the last 2 years, the residents at Subang Jaya have been enjoying a weekend group exercise program – for free? Many of you may have seen this enthusiastic group doing their thing next to the busy roundabout at SS13 – at Dataran [...]

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Running Shoe or Minimalist Shoe? – Part 2

You’ve heard all the buzz about barefoot training, minimalist shoes, and running with Vibrams. But before you get started on the trend, there are a few things you need to know so that you do not injure yourself. Today we continue with Part 2 from my colleague Fabio Comana from the NASM. Click here for [...]

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